What I Needed to Hear

Today’s reading (1 Corinthians 2) was pretty encouraging to me…

I moved to Vegas (to start a church for the Strip) in January, thinking, “What am I doing?!” and, in the words of verse 3, “with much trembling.” So it’s encouraging to see that Paul moved into Corinth (a town with some striking similarities to Vegas) to start a church with similar thoughts and fears. And to be reminded that what’s needed here is not me but the power of God.

Since getting to Vegas, probably the thing I’ve felt like I lacked the most is wisdom. I feel like I’m in way over my head and there are just too many complex factors in starting a church for people who work on and live around the Strip for me to figure out. So it’s encouraging to be reminded that God gives His wisdom and that, in some mysterious way, I have the mind of Christ.

If you’re doing this reading plan with me, how did 1 Cor 2 encourage you?