What We’re Dealing With

Question: Something has happened in your life where you’ve been wronged or cheated. You can take an action to defend your rights, but in the process there is some chance that God’s reputation will be hurt a little. What will you do?

Question: There is something that you want to do and know you’re allowed to do, but it’s probably not the best thing for your life in and growth in Christ. What will you do?

Though it has some heavy stuff, what I love about today’s reading (1 Corinthians 6) is not just how those questions are answer, but how incredulously they’re answered. It’s like, “What?!? Of course you should rather be wronged or cheated! Are you kidding me? And of course you don’t do anything that isn’t best for you or doesn’t honor God! Are you serious?”

Maybe the problem is that we don’t realize what we’re dealing with. We haven’t joined a club, we have given our lives to the Creator & Sustainer Lord of the Universe. We haven’t signed on for a self-help program, we have submitted our lives to the Final and Eternal Judge. And we have found the Ultimate Treasure, and all that should matter to us is making sure everyone understands how perfect and priceless that treasure is…