A Skit … And You’re In It!

Here’s a little skit I just imagined based on today’s reading (2 Corinthians 9). Ready for this scenario?

Scene: Judgment Day. You’re dead, standing before God, talking about your life.

  • – God: Okay, now let’s talk about what you did with the money I gave you.
  • – You: I tithed.
  • – God: Wellll, not exactly. No, not quite. But actually, that’s not the point.
  • – You: It’s not?
  • – God: No, because, see, I gave you a lot.
  • – You: No, not really. I was middle class.
  • – God: What? You were middle class?!
  • – You: Yeah, maybe even lower middle class.
  • – God: Well, actually, your income put you in the top 3% of the world’s wealthiest people.
  • – You: What?! No, not me, I was middle class. Really. I never seemed to have enough.
  • – God: No, really, you may have been middle class in America, but I don’t only see America like you seem to. You were in the top 3% of the world’s wealthiest people. And do you know why I gave you all that wealth?
  • – You: I told you I tithed.
  • – God: I gave you all that wealth to share it. I gave it to you so you could bless other people.
  • – You: Okay. But I told you already, I tithed.
  • – God: You really need to stop saying that. First, you didn’t really tithe, you just like to think you did. And, apparently, say you did. And second, again, that’s not the point. You were rich beyond measure, I had children all over the world who had nothing, you were supposed to share. I gave you all that money so you could spread it to others. I made you rich so you could be generous. Ultimately, I hoped you’d use my money, that I gave you, to glorify me.
  • – You: Isn’t there something else we need to talk about?
  • – God: Not at the moment.
  • – You: Is there like an arcade or something up here? I kind of felt like playing a pinball machine or something.
  • – God: Nope, no arcades.
  • – You: Oh… I have to go to the bathroom.