Decisions, A Meeting, and a Prayer Request

Because of the crazy work schedules of people who work on the Strip (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the big work days. 4 p.m. to midnight, and 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. are major work shifts), we are hoping to offer another service day/time, in addition to Sunday mornings.

We’re thinking about maybe Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights. We need to consider when the most people would be able to attend. But we’re also concerned about our creative and planning process. Meaning that it’s hard to start focusing on the next Sunday (sermon, songs, creative pieces) until the previous week’s service is completely done. So if our last service is on Monday night, it will probably be Tuesday morning that everything starts cranking for Sunday, giving us five days to prepare. But if it’s on Wednesday night, we’re left with only three days to prepare.

Another debate we’re having is whether to start immediately with Sunday morning AND the weeknight service, OR whether to start with Sunday (get that right, hopefully start gaining momentum) and THEN add the weeknight service.

Anyway, please pray for wisdom in these decisions AND today I’m supposed to meet with the manager of a possible venue for a weeknight service, so please pray that goes great. Thanks!