Distinctly Spiritual Leadership

Just read The Divine Commodity and I thought I’d share a few thoughts this week, as they apply to the church we’re planting here in Vegas.

The author, Skye Jethani, takes the modern American churches (especially mega-churches) to task, for a variety of reasons. One is that church leadership use a corporate model and follow business principles in leading the church today. He quotes a famous pastor as saying, “There is nothing distinctly spiritual” about the way he leads his church.

Now if trying to learn principles from good business leaders is a crime, I am guilty. I’ve had my staff read “Good to Great” and will pimp “The E-Myth” to any church planter who will listen. But … there has to be something distinctly spiritual about the way we lead, right? Because we’re not the leaders of our churches, God is. And the ways we allow God to guide us so that He can lead the church are distinctly spiritual. Right?

I like the way Perry Noble puts it, “Leadership is as easy as listening to God and doing what He says.” And that is definitely distinctly spiritual.