God Did It

If I wrote, “God is responsible for the current economic crisis, and the price of the gas you’re going to pay today,” you’d think I was crazy. First, God doesn’t cause everything. And, second, God doesn’t do mean stuff like that. He’s a nice, kind God. Right?

But it’s interesting how David in the Psalms, like in today’s reading (Psalm 60 and 61) gives God the credit, or the blame, for basically everything. Like in Psalm 61:-2-3, “You have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking. You have shown your people desperate times…”

I don’t know if we should give God the credit or blame for everything, but here’s a few benefits of that: (1) It would lead us to talk to God about everything, and we definitely should do that. (2) We’d look for the meaning behind and the lesson to learn in everything, and we should do that as well.

Like with the economic crisis, we’d be praying (as David did), “God, You’ve given us desperate times. Please mend this situation.” (Which is a whole lot better than just complaining about it.) And we’d be wondering, “God, is there something we’ve done? Something we need to change?” (Which is a whole lot better than just continuing on unchanged.)