God Stalker

There are a bunch of people who decided to read the same thing in the Bible each day, and today’s reading is Psalm 62, 63, and 64. Each morning I’m sharing a thought from the reading…

At Verve, we hope our people will become three things: God Stalkers, Grace Wholesalers, and Guerrilla Lovers. The stalker idea makes me think less of a psychopath who should be in jail, and more of a Jr. High girl who has gone way overboard with her first crush. She’s writing the boy’s name all over her notebook, comes early to school so she can see him walk off the bus, runs down the hall to get a glimpse of him going into his class, and tells her mother each night that she “can’t live without him.”

Want to meet a God Stalker? Read Psalm 63. David’s feelings and obsession for God are so strong, it’s actually embarrassing to read. He’s seeking God, his soul is thirsting for God, his body is longing for God, he’s remembering God in bed at night and can’t sleep because his feelings are so strong. It’s like, “David, get it together man. You remind me of a 14 year old girl!”

But guess what? That’s exactly what God is looking for.