Hangin’ At the Hard Rock

So Robb and I met with a guy last week at the Hard Rock Casino about the possibility of doing “Life Skill” seminars there, or being “Casino Chaplains.” The guy told us about a community service event they were doing and asked if we’d be willing to volunteer. I think he was kind of testing us. We said yes, and tonight was the night.

It was a “Taste the World” food tasting event with auctions, all to raise money for local food banks. Robb and I volunteered at a station that gave out bottles of spring and mineral water.

The celebrity host of the auction was Holly Madison, former Playboy playmate, star of the reality TV series The Girls Next Door, and contestant on Dancing With The Stars. I realize it’s weird, but she was hanging out around our booth (probably because I’m so good looking) so Robb and I had to take a picture with her. Here it is: