Immature In Small Group

Been thinking about, and sharing a few thoughts on, immaturity. (I’m not sure why.) Not telling silly jokes kind of immaturity, but the kind of immaturity God wants to grow us out of. The kind of immaturity that looks a lot like self-centeredness.

So what does an immature person look like in a small group? Well, it wouldn’t be surprising if he shows up late. Yeah, that means the group has to wait for him, but he had things to do. (Like everyone else didn’t.) And, if possible, he will take the most comfortable seat. Yeah, there are the metal folding chairs available, but look at the spot open on the couch! And he’ll probably dominate the conversation. If he has an answer for the question, he’ll make sure to say it immediately. If there’s something wrong in his life, you’ll hear every gory detail. If there aren’t any snacks, or if he doesn’t like what was brought, he’ll almost certainly let you know.

Sound like anyone you know? … Sound like you?