Immature Preaching?

So I’ve been thinking out loud about immaturity and what it looks like in individuals, churches, etc. Here’s something I’ve been wondering about:

If immaturity is self-centeredness, then maybe immature preaching is self-centered preaching? When I say “self-centered” in this context, I don’t mean centered on the preacher, but on all the “selves” in the room. I mean preaching that doesn’t have God as it’s focus.

I’m not saying preaching shouldn’t connect with the people who are listening, and I definitely believe it should have life application. But if ultimately the message is what we need to know, how we should change, how our lives can be better – than it’s centered on us, not God. And I wonder if that makes it self-centered and immature?

I really don’t know, just a thought. What do you think?