Mute Idols

I know the main theme of today’s reading (1 Corinthians 12) is spiritual gifts, and I think it’s critical that Christians understand, accept, and use their gifts – and realize their need for others who have different gifts.

But, for some reason, the verse that really popped for me was verse 2, where it talks about how before they had come to Jesus they had worshiped “mute idols.” It’s interesting to me that all throughout the Old Testament God ridicules people’s worship of idols, and consistently the thing that he focuses on is that they have chosen to worship a god who can’t talk. And then here in the New Testament, it’s not just “idols” that were worshiped, but “mute” idols. Like, “What kind of dummy would choose to worship a god who can’t speak to you?!?!”

The reason I think that’s interesting is because I’m pretty sure many Christians today don’t believe God speaks to us. Even amongst believers it’s considered kind of strange to say, “God told me” and you’ll get suspicious eyebrows raised. But if God doesn’t tell you stuff, wouldn’t He ridicule you for worshiping Him? Because what kind of dummy chooses to worship a god who can’t speak to you?!?

I’m really tired, so I’m having trouble thinking straight, so hopefully that makes sense. But either way, that’s what hit me when I just read this chapter, so there you go…