Only Vegas: Isolated

We’ve been learning a lot about Vegas, and last week I read a report written from an intensive study and hundreds of interviews of citizens and community leaders. So I thought this week I’d share some “findings.” You may or may not be interested, but if not, just don’t read it.

One of the things you hear about every day in Vegas is how isolated people are from each other. There is a serious lack of connection and community here. There are walls built between houses, so you don’t even have to look at where your neighbors live. The report said it’s a “Click and Wake Community” – people drive in from work, click their garage door opener, and then wave to their neighbor as they disappear into their garage. I would disagree. From my experience, you don’t even see your neighbors, and most people don’t wave.

I believe that God put in each of us (when He made us in His image) a need for community, and so we’re hoping that our church living in community will be counter-cultural in a very attractive way that awakes something inside of people who are unknowingly missing that.