Only Vegas: Me First

We’ve been learning a lot about Vegas, and last week I read a report written from an intensive study and hundreds of interviews of citizens and community leaders. So I thought this week I’d share some “findings.” You may or may not be interested, but if not, just don’t read it.

So… residents were asked what would be an appropriate city motto. Most common were answers like,

“Me First”
“We’re Willing to Help When It Won’t Jeopardize Us”
“I’m For Me, and You’re For You”

The report noted that Las Vegas ranks just about last in the nation in volunteerism.

I guess this shouldn’t be a surprised. Most people in Vegas are not from Vegas. They chose to move here, and people typically move somewhere out of self-interest. It’s also a get rich town that even further attracts me-first minded people.

It will be interesting trying to teach a “Me Last,” “”We’re willing to help when it really jeopardizes us,” “I’m for God, and I’m for you” gospel to Las Vegans…