Only Vegas: Sexturated

I made that word, sexturated, up. It’s like saturated, but with sex. I’m pretty clever, and Vegas is sexturated. I know it’s what you would expect to hear about Vegas, which is part of the reason I’m mentioning it. And the thing is … it’s true.

  • – Look up at the billboard on the highway, and it’s a casting call for porn movies. (Seriously, you can get paid $500 today to be in a porn.)
  • – Look up at another billboard, for a dentist, and it features a half naked woman. (Yup, seriously again. Dentists here don’t advertise with teeth, but with boobs.)
  • – Check out a comedy club, and there might just be strippers dancing between the comedians. (Yes, for real, it’s true.)
  • – Go to a Little League game, and between innings they may be playing, “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue over the loudspeaker between innings. (Yes, true again. It was my son’s Little League game last week.)
  • – Grab a newspaper out of the paper stand, and you’ll realize that what you actually just picked up was a catalog of girls that you can have come to your room. (And she will be in your room in only 20 minutes!)
  • – Go to a fundraiser for area food banks, and they have girls dancing on tables in their underwear. (At a fundraiser!)

Sex is considered normal, sex is public, sex is for sale, and sex is everywhere.

And my point is? Well, I don’t have one. But please pray for our Launch Team, and for the other pastors and Christians of Vegas. You might say, “C’mon, temptation is everywhere. It’s not just Vegas” but you would be wrong. It is different here. In other towns you can choose (for the most part) to avoid the temptations. Here, you don’t have that choice, because they are everywhere and they are in your face.