Only Vegas: Survivor

We’ve been learning a lot about Vegas, and last week I read a report written from an intensive study and hundreds of interviews of citizens and community leaders. So I thought this week I’d share some “findings.” You may or may not be interested, but if not, just don’t read it.

One of the interesting things in the report, and we’ve definitely seen this, is the idea that Vegas is a “survivor’s community.” The research group did all these interviews with locals and people repeatedly told them, “We’re just trying to get by.”

I think that may be even more true here than in other places, but what’s especially ironic is the location where people are “just getting by.” Las Vegas is America’s adult playground, it’s where people get rich quick, it’s flashing neon, glitz and glam, bigger than life. That’s a weird place to just get by. As one person in the study put it, “People are living on the edge, yet thinking it’s the land of opportunity.”

I’m thinking that provides a great opportunity to share the life giving, eternity changing gospel with people!