Only Vegas: US First

We’ve been learning a lot about Vegas, and last week I read a report written from an intensive study and hundreds of interviews of citizens and community leaders. So I thought this week I’d share some “findings.” You may or may not be interested, but if not, just don’t read it.

Last time I mentioned how studies have found that Las Vegans are extremely self-interested. But check this: They also talk in the study I read about how “us first” and inwardly focused the local community service organizations are. The study talks about a spirit of competition rather than collaboration amongst community organizations. In fact, this report says one of the biggest needs of Las Vegas is for healthy models of successful collaboration, and a community leader or two working to pull people together.

This is something we’ve heard over and over. As we’re seeking the future of The Verve Foundation, we are really praying through how we might be able to be part of the solution for this problem. Kind of a daunting task, but we have kind of a big God.