Open Doors

We are starting a church here in Vegas, but also (and first) we are starting a CBO (Community Based Organization) – basically a community service non-profit. Eventually it will basically be one of the ways our church serves our community.

But by starting it separate, and first, it gets us into a lot of doors we couldn’t as pastors. There’s nothing deceptive. We call and ask for a meeting (with a government, business, or education leader) explaining that we are starting a new community service organization (which we are). Then in our meeting we also share that we’re starting a church, and that the church will provide a lot of the volunteer base for our community service.

This gets the word out about our church plant. But it also gets us meetings that we couldn’t if we just said, “We’re pastors starting a new church, will you meet with us?” We’ve had meetings with Vice Presidents of international businesses, the head basketball coach of a top 20 college program, prominent artists, the owner of the Triple A baseball team, and more.

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