Please or Serve?

The verse that really jumped out at me from today’s reading (Galatians 1) was:

There are so many times when our choice really boils down to: Please men, or be a servant of Christ?

  • “I know what I am supposed to say to this person right now, but if I do she might be upset, and maybe not even like me anymore.”
  • “If I put this on my blog, phrased like this, really I’m exaggerating what’s going on in my ministry, but it will so impress people. And it’s sort of almost true.”
  • “I think this is what Jesus wants me to do, but if I did it my parents would be so upset.”
  • “If I preach what the Bible actually is saying in this passage, it’s possible that I could lose a bunch of people…”

Apparently, according to Galatians 1:10, trying to please men and being a servant of Christ are mutually exclusive. When I choose to please people, I am choosing to not serve Jesus.

Is there any way you’ve been choosing to please people and so not been serving Jesus?