The Immature Church

Been thinking out loud about how immaturity is basically self-centeredness. If I’m right, then what would an immature church look like?

I think most people think of an immature church as one where the people are not all about their Bibles. But I wonder if an immature church is one where the leaders are all about their church. Know what I mean? Some pastors would say, “It’s all about God’s Kingdom, not us,” but all signs point to the idea that really it is all about them. That’s self-centeredness on a corporate scale.

Then there are other churches where it’s obvious that it’s not all about them. I think of Cornerstone-Simi, who from what I understand commit 51% of their budget to causes outside themselves (while other churches continue to spend 100% on themselves). I think of Life Church, who give away all their resources for free (while other churches continue to charge). I think of Kensington Community, who give 20% of their income to church planting (while most churches have never helped give birth to another church).

What would be the evidence for or against the claim that your church is self-centered and immature?