The Week In Brief(s) (6/28/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. On Sunday I spoke at Gateway. Always a great experience. It was extra cool because I got to bring my daughter, and had people who drove to Austin for it, and got to have lunch afterwards with some really good friends.

2. I was really honored that Verve was chosen for the Be Heard Project. I think it’s an amazing idea. People give $4 a month. They choose four great projects/ministries to support. Each gets $1 of your giving. Imagine if thousands of people do this. Imagine Be Heard being able to give checks for tens of thousands to church plants and for a Youth Center in the West Bank and … wow. I signed up to be a financial supporter and I encourage you to do the same.

3. Met with one of the few people I knew in Vegas before moving here, and it’s looking like he and his family may become a part of Verve. I’m psyched!

4. Met with Shane Phillip, pastor of The Crossing. Shane is a good dude and helped me with my perspective on some decisions we’re facing.

5. Met with a guy who is starting a church in Vegas (but more in the suburbs) this Fall. Seemed like a good guy, but his church will be totally different from ours for sure.

6. Robb and I, and my friend Bart, had a strategic planning meeting, talking through some of the issues we’re facing. It’s awesome to have great guys to do this with.

7. Lots of phone calls. Had my coaching call, my call with my spiritual mentor, my call with my project manager. I HATE being on the phone but it’s all helpful so it’s worth it.

8. Worked with my publisher and several graphic design people and friends on a book cover for Guerrilla Lovers (which comes out in February).

9. Continued our search for a facility. We have a great option in a movie theater on the south end of the Strip, but we are looking for backups just in case, and for a place that we could potentially have a non-Sunday morning service, and maybe even a space to lease 24/7.

10. Worked on our Creative Arts Planning Strategy/System. I’m much more of an “organic” kind of guy than a “structure” kind of guy, but I’ve learned that being organic can only get you so far. We’re gonna have a consistent way of doing things that is as effective as possible.

11. Flew to Sacramento to speak at Adventure Christian Church.


1. Please pray for the people who have moved and are moving to Vegas to help start Verve. Pray that God blesses them in all kinds of ways, but for sure pray for JOBS.

2. As we continue to do our “needs assessment interviews” towards launching our community service organization, the Verve Foundation, please pray that God opens doors and gives us wisdom in how to proceed.

3. Please pray for our finances. That we’ll be able to raise more money, and that we’ll be wise in how we spend the money we have.