Transporting, or Destination?

Just read The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani and I thought I’d share a few thoughts this week, as they apply to the church we’re planting here in Vegas.

If you pick up this book, I think the analogy Jethani uses starting on page 85 is brilliant. I’ll make you read the book, but the idea is that church used to be something that brought you to a destination (to God, to worship of God, to bringing friends to God) but it has now become the destination.

This leads to people asking, “What kind of programs does your church have for me?” The right answer? This church isn’t for you, it’s for God.

It also leads to people leaving their church for another church that will be “better for us.” Huh? What does better for us have to do with anything? Church isn’t for you, it’s for God.

But here’s what I wonder: Have we gone so far in the wrong direction that there’s no turning back? I don’t think so, but I wonder if I’m idealistic. How do we turn this thing around, on a big scale?