Who’s Standards?

How different are you from people who don’t have a relationship with God through Jesus? How different am I? The answer should be, “Very.” This is really clear in today’s reading (2 Corinthians 10). The standards of this world do not apply to us. And we have abilities and resources to live life and advance our cause the world does not have. And we do not allow ourselves to think the kind of thoughts the world often does.

In this chapter people are chided for only looking on the surface of things. But often that’s the look we’re concerned about with ourselves. As long as we can give a good “surface image” to others, we’re content with that. People are also admonished for comparing themselves to themselves, but that’s what we often do. We feel okay about ourselves because we’re better than we used to be. Or we compare ourselves to people of this world, and feel okay because we think we’re better than them.

But we don’t live by the standards of this world. We live, through God’s power, by God’s standards.

Sooooo, in what areas of your life are you most living by the world’s standards and thus falling short of God’s?