All We Need is a Miracle

So, as many of you know, we are looking for a 24/7 space we could lease for our church. I am NOT the church planter type who feels the need for permanent space. In fact, the church I started in Virginia Beach is twelve years old and still meets in rented space on Sundays. BUT here we are hoping to do services on Sunday mornings AND another day/time of the week AND we are also hoping to do a support group kind of ministry AND more. And I don’t think we could just keep renting places throughout the week, so leased space seems like a better option.

Well, yesterday we looked at five spaces – all in the same set of buildings. They are in a great location, just off the Strip, two of them basically staring at the Strip. Everything about them is great, except the price. The amount per square foot is awesome, the issue is that they’re a little bigger than we were thinking. So without something cool happening to change things, they would probably cost more than we can afford per month. (The two that “stare at” the Strip, a decent amount more, the other three just a little more.)

The problem is that we’ve been looking for a couple months now, and it doesn’t seem like there are other options for us for leasing space. (At least our real estate agent doesn’t think so.)

So … could you please pray that God does something to make this possible? Like maybe someone decides to pay the amount we can’t afford each month for our first year or two… Or maybe the owner drastically drops the price…

Please pray, and thanks.