Be Nothing

As I read today’s reading (Philippians 2) I had the thought, “What if each of us made it our goal every day to be nothing?” That’s what Jesus did. He chose to empty Himself of self; of any grandiosity, pride, ambition – of anything that might get in the way of His living for God and serving others. So what if our goal was to be nothing?

I think all the other things this chapter encourages would be willing. It it, God demands unity in His church. Unity would be easy if we were nothing. We’re commanded not to complain or argue. If we were nothing, there would be nothing to complain or argue about. Everything we’re supposed to do – forgive, serve, submit – it would all be easy if we were nothing.

So, really, the trick is how to be nothing. What do you think? How do we becoming nothing? How do we empty ourselves so we can truly live for God and serve others?

And are you ready? Go be nothing!