Begging and Bartering

Through our interactions with other people, our experience of perfect, unconditional love is, well, I think pretty non-existent. People don’t give that kind of love. And it’s probably our lack of experience with it, that makes it so hard to believe that God really loves us perfectly and unconditionally.

In today’s reading (Psalm 71, 72) we see this. In Psalm 71, there’s begging, “Please, God, don’t stop loving me when I’m old and gray.” And throughout Psalm 72, Solomon is bartering with God, basically a, “You should give me a lot of king power, and if you do, here’s what I’ll do for You.”

But God doesn’t stop loving us when we stop being useful to Him. And we don’t have to offer anything to God for Him to offer us His love. His love is perfect, it’s unconditional, and there are no strings attached.

Now if I can just get myself to remember that…