Check This

What Ephesians 3 tells us is way beyond amazing. Are you ready? Check this: We get to actually approach God! He has shared with us and given us permission to share with others His mystery! We are loved with a perfect, inexhaustible, and unfathomable love, and we get to share that love with others! And for our task, we get the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!

Listen: Whatever else you do in life, care about in life, work on in life, it absolutely pales in comparison to this. And that’s an understatement. It’s importance pales to the point of disappearing in comparison to this.

So give your life to this. Make this the point of why you go to work each day, and the goal of raising your kids, and the reason you’re on that softball team, and why you do Pampered Chef parties, and what’s motivating you to get a degree: To share the mystery of God and love of Christ, which I’m able to do because I approached God this morning and because I bring the power of the Spirit with me wherever I go.