I’m gonna do a series this week “announcing” some of the decisions we’ve made on what Verve is going to look like, outside of our worship services and youth/children’s ministries. How will we connect and grow people and serve our community together?

In addition to our worship services, and the three “programs” we’ll offer (God Stalker University, Grace Groups, and Guerrilla Groups) we will also encourage everyone to create a little accountability/discipleship group for themselves. (Don’t have a cool name for these, and may never have one.)

This would be two or three people who get together every week or so, for the purpose of spiritual growth. These micro groups can decide what they want to do in their time – read the Bible, ask accountability questions, read a book.

This won’t be an “official program” of Verve. There will not be a place to sign up to be in one of these groups. But it will be part of the culture of Verve. We will talk about these groups, people will be aware of them and how beneficial they are.

The other thing we will do is provide resources for these groups. For instance, we are going to put together a “journaling notebook” that provides a Bible reading plan, a place to put notes on your reading, suggested accountability questions, etc.