To be honest, today’s reading (Matthew 7) just makes me very uncomfortable.

I can envision the scenario Jesus describes in 7:21-23 playing out, where He’s telling people who said they were Christians and thought they were getting into Heaven that the reality is … No. And they’re asking why and He says, “Didn’t you read Matthew 7? It warned of how narrow the road is that leads to Heaven.” And the person says, “But … but…” And Jesus says, “I don’t understand. Didn’t you read my warning not to judge, and that if you judged and didn’t forgive, didn’t release your bitterness, you would be treated in the same way?” And the person repeats, “But… but…” And didn’t you read how you needed to put my words into practice, but you continued to gossip, and you continued to steal – though you justified that it wasn’t really stealing, and you continued to ignore the poor, you never really loved your neighbor as yourself.” And the person stands in disbelief, saying, “But… but…”

Very uncomfortable.