Every Opportunity

I wonder what it would look like if we took the instruction from today’s reading (Colossians 4) seriously and really were ‘wise in the way we act toward outsiders’ and ‘made the most of every opportunity we get with someone who is not connected to Jesus’? (vs. 5). I think we would probably:

* Focus on the fact that this is not just a co-worker, neighbor, classmate, or grocery clerk, but a person who God desperately misses and wants to come home.
* Think a lot about the example we’re setting and make sure its Christ-like.
* Be praying for that person (in our head) the whole time we’re interacting.
* Look for chances to serve them, in hopes that they’ll become curious about what’s different about us.
* Try to figure out ways to make sure people knew we were Christians.
* Look for strategic opportunities to (respectfully) talk about Jesus with people.
* Invite people to come to church with us.

Okay, looking at that list, I see I have some changes to make. How about you?