Fantastic Weekend

This weekend I went to Dayton, Ohio and it was one of the best ever.

Part of it is that I spoke at Southbrook Church, and I really like that church. Why? Well,

(1) They are a humble church with a humble Senior Pastor. (That’s huge!) It’s a church of like 3,000 but you’ve probably never heard of them, and I think they’re fine with that.

(2) Their musicians don’t use music stands. (That’s not huge, but I love it.)

(3) They seem to really reach non-Christians. (That’s huge, and so unusual!)

(4) They’re generous.

But the best part of the weekend was that I was able to bring my son (thanks to Southbrook’s generosity of buying him a plane ticket) and we had a GREAT time. We ate Chinese food, and went to the Air Force Museum, and watched one and a half superhero movies in our hotel room. It was an absolute blast.