Given Us

I think Paul was having a really good day when he wrote Ephesians 1. The other day we gave our dog a steak bone for the first time ever, and he went to town on it. He devoured it, wanting to make sure he got every little piece of it. And it’s almost like Paul thought for a minute about God and what He’s done for us by giving us Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and he went to town on it. He’s like, “Do you have ANY idea what we’ve been given? Well, check this out…”

We are holy and blameless in God’s sight.
Adopted as His children.
Freely given His grace.
We are forgiven our sins.
We get to have the purpose of glorifying Him.
We are in Christ.
We get the Holy Spirit who guarantees our inheritance.
We get to know God.
We have hope.
We have supernatural power.
We get to be a part of the body of Christ.

So here’s the deal. I think the next time we’re having a bad day, we should read Ephesians 1, see all that God’s given us, and realize, “What exactly am I upset about? What am I complaining about? Am I serious? I mean, look what I’ve been given. Holy crap, I need to go run around in a park, completely naked except for a party hat, screaming thank you’s to the Heavens through a bull horn!