God Is Fun

So we’ve done well in fundraising for the church we’re starting on the Vegas Strip, but we’re still a big chunk under my goal. Because of that there are some things I think we’re supposed to do that we just might not be able to do. And because of that, I’ve been continuing to work on fundraising. And I’ve been focusing on some big churches, asking and re-asking them to support us.

Well, last week I got two unexpected e-mails on the same day. One was from a couple at a church I spoke at this year, who informed me that they were going to make a major contribution to Verve. The other was from someone letting me know that the kids at their church’s VBS had given $2,200 to help us start the church.

Both of those e-mails put tears in my eyes, and both gave me a good laugh. God has a way of doing, and using, the unexpected, and His way always seems more fun than mine. We still could really use a decent amount more in outside funding, and I can’t wait to see how God provides…