Grace Groups

I’m gonna do a series this week “announcing” some of the decisions we’ve made on what Verve is going to look like, outside of our worship services and youth/children’s ministries. How will we connect and grow people and serve our community together?

So we are going to have God Stalker University, Grace Groups, and Guerrilla Groups.

What are Grace Groups? Grace Groups will be part of Celebrate Recovery, or a similar support and recovery based program. In such programs there is typically a “large group” time with teaching and some worship. Then everyone breaks into groups where they learn about healing, find support, get accountability, experience unconditional love. At Verve we want to be Grace Wholesalers, and that’s what really happens in these groups – people receive grace in bulk. And the groups are obviously for people with addictions, but it’s bigger than that. They’re for anyone who needs healing and recovery which is, well, most of us.

We may not be able to start a Celebrate Recovery type program and launch Grace Groups immediately, but we hope to do so as soon as possible, and definitely plan to within a year of our launch.