Guerrilla Groups

I’m gonna do a series this week “announcing” some of the decisions we’ve made on what Verve is going to look like, outside of our worship services and youth/children’s ministries. How will we connect and grow people and serve our community together?

So we’ve talked about God Stalker University and about Grace Groups, but what are Guerrilla Groups?

At Verve we want to be Guerrilla Lovers. To be guerrilla means to ambush with repeated, strategic, surprise attacks until you wear down and win over your opponent. We want to do that to our community, but with love. To that end, we will ask everyone to be in a Guerrilla Group.

These will be groups of people who meet once a month to serve and make a difference in the community. Some groups may have a specific focus – perhaps they tutor kids, or adopt an inner-city neighborhood where they bring groceries and do beautification projects, or volunteer at a homeless ministry. Other groups may not have a specific focus and simply choose a “random act of kindness” each month.

The groups will serve, and then go have a little fellowship, perhaps ice cream at a restaurant, or a barbecue at one of the member’s homes. During this social time everyone can kind of “check in” – letting the group know how their life has been growing.

These groups will also be a great place to make friends for additional social outings, or to find accountability partners with whom you can do a discipleship group. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention discipleship groups…. more next time.