It Keeps Getting Weirder

So the other day I took my daughter to her dance class and when we arrived it was like walking onto a movie set. There were cameras and microphones and video screens everywhere. I was informed that the pilot for an upcoming VH1 reality show was being filmed, and that it would star Aubrie O’Day.

I consider myself pretty hip on pop culture, yet had no idea who she was. But I found out she won Making the Band and became lead singer of the band Danity Kane, which she has since been kicked out of. I was also told she had been the cover/centerfold in Playboy.

So I went away from all the commotion and took a seat near the studio where my daughter’s dance lesson was happening. Then what happens? Aubrie (and her little rainbow colored dog) come out of the studio they were in, walked over, and stood right next to me.

This is weird! I’ve lived here a couple months and have had two Playmates hang around me. I PROMISE I’m not looking for trouble!