Next Gen

Today’s reading (Psalm 78) contains a lot of the history of God’s interactions with His people long ago, but the original point was to make sure you tell your children about God and the amazing things He’s done.

I realize not everyone who reads this blog has children, but those who do, do you do this? Do you repeatedly teach your children and His great deeds? It’s not that easy, because life is always getting in the way. But it’s THE critical thing we’ll do with our kids. When we look back everything else will seem inconsequential in comparison.

So the plan? Have a daily time and search for teachable moments. Every day have a set time where you read the Bible with your kids and talk to them about how amazing God is, and throughout the day try to see how you can use whatever is happening to teach them about God.

Hard? Maybe. But worth it? Yup, yup.