When we started the church in Virginia Beach twelve years ago we had a “Launch Team” of about 89 local, unchurched, non-Christians. Awesome.

This time we have about 20, who are almost all people who have moved here to start the church, and are Christians. Uh oh.

That’s why getting into the community and developing relationships is paramount for us right now. There are lots of tasks to do in planting a church, but they have to be secondary for us. Because if we get everything ready, but don’t know the community and have no one to invite when we start, we really messed up.

That’s why on the 4th my family spent 8 1/2 hours at someone’s house from our son’s Little League team, hanging out with about ten local non-church goers (and their kids). And this is why on Sunday our Launch Team meeting was at one of our new member’s houses, because there was a chance to potentially connect to their neighbors. And this is why today instead of working at my house or in the library (which I’d prefer), I’ll be working at a bagel shop. Because t’s gotta be about getting into the community and relationships.