Remember What Happened?

I noticed something in today’s reading (Matthew 2) I never had before. When Herod learned of the birth of Jesus, He called together the priests and teachers of the law of Jerusalem to learn the background. About 33 years later, who was it who led the plot to have Jesus killed? The priests and teachers of the law of Jerusalem.

You’d assume that when Jesus started teaching and doing miracles and saying He was the promised Messiah, they would have thought back and remembered this whole incident. And that it would have helped them to put aside their biases and realize that Jesus really was who He said He was. But no, instead they went to war against God and crucified Him on a cross.

And it made me wonder how many times I’ve done the same thing. God has proved Himself over and over to me. But often circumstances will arise that make me feel like God isn’t coming through, and instead of remembering what He’s done in the past, I’ll forget it and go to war against God, expressing my disappointment that He’s not coming through for me and, come to think of it, He never seems to come through for me…

Man, I hope someday I stop being an idiot.