Today’s reading is (Colossians 1) wildly cool. Paul (the author) shows how Jesus is supreme in everything, things on earth and heaven, things you can see and things you can’t, things created and uncreated. He is glorious and perfect and is (and should be) supreme in everything.

Well, let me take that back. He is supreme in everything except … maybe one thing. Because is He supreme in you? This is why Paul says that he’s desperately praying for the Christians in Colosse, that each might make Jesus supreme in their own lives.

How do you know? We’re told. You live a life worthy of the calling, you please Him in every way, you bear fruit in every good work, you grow in your knowledge of Him, you need great endurance, and you keep giving thanks to His Father.

It’s like: Everything in the universe is under the supremacy of Jesus except for people who, through their lack of faith or the way they have chosen to not live out their faith, have chosen to not make Him supreme. And how crazy is that? If everything was made so that Jesus could be supreme over it, and throughout the universe everything is just lining up under the supremacy of Jesus … but you’re not.