The Week In Brief(s) (7/12/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. I had a bunch of meetings with various people. Too much detail to go into detail, but still trying to network, learn, get connected…

2. Speaking of lots of meetings, I am so proud of Robb Overholt. Robb raised support to come out and help start the church, but at the same time we are starting a non-profit community service organization, and Robb is totally spearheading that. Right now we’re doing a “needs assessment” where Robb had done probably already almost 100 interviews to learn about unmet needs in Vegas. He is totally getting connected here and I am SO grateful for all he’s doing.

3. Looked at another option that we could rent for worship services, but I don’t think it will work – it has a great room for adults, but no real room for kids.

4. Looked at five possible options for leasing space. All five would be somewhere between good and great and would set us up incredibly. The issue is money. (Anyone have an extra $50,000 laying around they could give us? Maybe between your couch cushions? Or what about an extra $2,000/month for three years? C’mon, you’ve at least got that!)

5. I worked on a “Decision Execution” system (which I mostly borrowed from Michael). The idea is: When a leader at Verve has an idea – for an event, a new program, whatever – how do you go from it just being an idea to actually being a reality? And what is the most effective way to do that, so all your bases are covered, everything goes great, and there’s evaluation after execution?

6. I announced to our team how we’re going to “do” small groups/discipleship/spiritual formation at Verve. We knew from the beginning that we would have to pray and work hard to figure out how to do this in a way that fits who we are and who we’re trying to reach, both of which are pretty unique. I think God’s led us to something that will be great. I’m gonna share it with the world on this blog starting tomorrow.

7. Josh and Heidi arrived in Vegas! They are moving here from Kansas City where they were part of Cedar Ridge Christian Church, who have been so supportive of us. I met Josh and Heidi when I spoke at Cedar Ridge back in March, and here they are! They are awesome people who are very mission minded and they are going to be huge for Verve. They both need jobs, and Heidi is six months pregnant, so please pray for them!

8. I’ve continued to work on fundraising. It’s a little pride swallowing, a bit mind numbing, and kind of wears you down like industrial strength sandpaper grating endlesslyon your bare butt. But hey, it’s all good.

9. Verve now owns a Snow Cone Machine! We are officially a church, ’cause you can’t be without one… The plan is to use the snow cone machine to serve the community (i.e., free snow cones in the park on a hot day, give out free snow cones at a community event, etc.)

10. I think we scheduled another team that will come from a church for a mission trip to help us as we launch with our preview and grand opening services. Are you interested in having a team from your church come out to Vegas to help us for a few days? Let me know!


1. My family and I will be at a camp outside of Sacramento this week. This is my third time at this camp in four years. It’s a camp for teens from the Mien people group, who have moved to America from Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. I’ll be speaking three times on sharing your faith.

2. Speaking of speaking, next Sunday I’ll be speaking at Revolution Church in Canton, Georgia. They’re going through a tough time right now, so please pray for them, and pray for my speaking there.

3. I’ve mentioned before that the Verve Foundation we’re starting has the opportunity to become part of a new coalition with other community service organizations. This week is the third meeting of that coalition, so please pray that it all goes the way God wants it to, and that God continues to bless our efforts with launching the Verve Foundation.