The Week In Brief(s) (7/5/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Continued the search for a possible leasing 24/7 space.

2. Went and looked at a possible rental location in place of, or as a backup for, the Rave Theater. This place would be awesome, except that there’s no space for Children’s Ministry.

3. Updated our web page a little.

4. I was asked (and I agreed) to speak at Revolution Church Canton, Georgia on July 19. They were one of the first churches to commit to supporting us. Excited to hang with them.

5. Finally finished writing our Creative Arts Strategy & System. It’s up around 40 pages. I hope this is worth it!

6. Speaking of systems, got some help with some systems stuff from Michael Lukaszewski. That dude is a good thinker!

7. Got the FREE update to for my iPhone. Sweet!

8. Youth Works, which is a youth mission trip deal, is having the 40 to 70 teenagers they have in Vegas every week of the summer do a prayer journey for us on Tuesday nights. I’ve been going out on Tuesdays to teach them about ministry in Vegas, cast the vision for what we’re doing, and direct their prayers.

9. We had our first “official” Verve staff meeting.

10. Because of the peculiarities of Vegas, and especially working on the Strip, I’ve known that how we’d do church would need to be (at least) a little different. So I’ve been researching, praying, and consulting with people like crazy to figure it out. Finally I think the vision for what this church will look like is starting to come into focus in my mind. And yes, it is going to be different. I’ll share more in the near future…


1. As the vision continues to develop (see #10 above), please pray that God totally guides us so this church ends up what He wants it to be.

2. Pray that we find a perfect place for our services and, if it’s God’s will, that it will be a space we can lease and have all the time.

3. Please pray our people to develop lots of great relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, etc. We want to have lots of people to invite when we start having services!