Three Venues

I’m gonna do a series this week “announcing” some of the decisions we’ve made on what Verve is going to look like, outside of our worship services and youth/children’s ministries. How will we connect and grow people and serve our community together?

We think that how we’re going to “format” what we do is great because it seems to really fit Vegas and also because it really fits us. Verve will focus on loving God, loving people, and turning the world upside down. In light of that, we want to produce people who are God Stalkers, Grace Wholesalers, and Guerrilla Lovers.

The form that Verve is going to take (in addition to our worship services and Children’s/Youth Ministries) perfectly fits that threefold purpose. In fact, it seems that God has led us to have a venue for each of those purposes.

Because, in addition to our worship services and Children’s/Youth Ministries, we are going to have three things: God Stalker University, Grace Groups, and Guerrilla Groups.