The other day I was complaining to a spiritual mentor of mine, who happens to be one of the wisest and godliest men I know. I told him about how a few of my friends have had their lives become a total mess lately, and the struggles of starting a church, and a personal issue that’s really taken a toll on me, and you name it.

And he said something like, “Vince, I hate war movies. They’re just too violent for me. I’m not a fan of seeing all that. I find it disturbing.” (And I’m thinking, “Why have you now decided to tell me what kind of movies you like?”) Then he said, “I’m not sure what Christians expect to see in their lives and ministries, but it’s a war. We’re in a war. And so I assume it’s going to be pretty violent.”

And he’s right. And if you don’t think so, read the chapter for today from the reading plan: Ephesians 6, especially verses 10-18.