Well Pleased

I don’t get churches that downplay the importance of baptism. There are, obviously, a ton of Bible passages that show how important it is to God, and today’s reading (Matthew 3) contains one of them.

The only person who ever lived who didn’t need to be baptized is Jesus (after all, He never sinned) but here we see Jesus being baptized. Why? Well, He says, “to fulfill all righteousness” and, I think, to leave us an example so we can follow in His steps.

And it’s fascinating that this is the time God chooses to speak out from Heaven, declaring, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” I’ll you what: I can’t wait till we have people here in Vegas giving their lives to Jesus in baptism, knowing that God stands up and looks down from the edge of Heaven, smiling and shouting out, “Yes! I love you! I am well pleased!!”