Yesterday’s Meeting

Yesterday we met with someone who’s been working on the Strip for about 20 years, include the last like 15 as Lance Burton’s assistant (she’s the one who gets cut in half and disappears). It was fascinating hearing her thoughts on reaching people on the Strip.

She proposed service times like Friday at 9 p.m. and Saturday at 3 p.m. (Interestingly, everyone I talk to says something different. Seriously. I have heard every imaginable time for the “right time” to do a church service for people who work on the Strip. I think it just points out that there is no right time…)

She said one of the biggest issues will be convincing people that the walls won’t fall down if they walk into a church service.

She explained that she’s had to bury a bunch of her friends who have worked on the Strip with her. She said about people who work on the Strip, “If you don’t find Jesus, you’re gonna go to jail or go in the box.” She suggested trying to find ways to be available to hurting people in the middle of the night.

God is giving us lots of cool connections to learn more about life, and how to do ministry, here in Vegas!