And On Our Children

Obviously, today’s reading (Matthew 27) is one of the most powerful chapters in the Bible. And there is so much to talk about, and to bring a person to tears.

But one verse kind of hit me in an odd way this morning. It’s when Pilate decides to kill Jesus, but wants to be innocent of His death, so he tells the crowd that they are responsible. Then the Bible says: All the people answered, “Let his blood be on us and on our children!”

Wow. It’s bad enough to say, “Let his blood be on us,” but did they have to add “and on our children.” I have to imagine that years later some of the kids of the people in the crowd that day were like, “Hey, thanks a lot for that. If it wasn’t bad enough that I’ve got this acne, and all the peer pressure, and my girlfriend just broke up with me, but I also have the blood of Jesus on my hands, because of YOU!!”

It just seems so stupid that these parents brought their children into their sin. But then I started thinking about it and, really, don’t parents always bring their children into their sin? Is it even possible for a parent to sin and their kids not be effected? Sucks, but it’s true.