Be The One

There’s something that really stands out in today’s reading (Matthew 26). For the most part, it’s all horrible. The religious leaders are plotting against Jesus, Judas betrays Jesus, the disciples are not supportive of Jesus, the soldiers arrest Jesus, the high priest commands people to beat Jesus, Peter disowns Jesus.

But there’s this one light that shines in all the darkness: The woman who lovingly pours perfume on Jesus, which He views as a beautiful act preparing Him for burial. This one woman went against the tide to do something positive, and that honored Jesus.

And that makes me think about you and me. Like: Maybe every person at your job gossips and the easiest thing would be for you to just join in, but will you follow this woman’s example and do the positive thing that honors Jesus? And perhaps almost every church you know keeps doing things the way they’ve always been done, and focuses on keeping the Christians happy, but will you be the one that does something new and truly externally focused? And it could be that all the couples you know have crappy marriages but just kind of accept it as normal, but will you do whatever it takes to have a beautiful marriage that honors Jesus? And maybe every guy seems to look at girls lustfully in public and check out porn in private, but will you be the one that goes against the tide?

You can do that. With God’s help, you can be the one.