Begin With Praise

Recently I read a book where the author provides all kinds of research which proves that people have a certain happiness quotient. They’ve discovered that a person has a specific degree of happiness, and if that person say gets cancer, it will drop temporarily, but will then return to where it was. Or if the person gets their dream job or meets Mr. Right, it will rise temporarily, but will then return to where it was.

I believe that’s true, except that I believe God can supernaturally change people. And so I believe God can make us happier, more joyful, than our “quotient.” But how? How do we allow God to do that work in our lives?

I was talking to someone the other day about this and I sort of asked that question. And he told me that the thing that’s made the difference for him is starting his prayer time each day with praise – really focusing on who God is, how great He is, what He’s done.

And that totally makes sense to me, and I’m going to try it. And, interestingly, it’s what I noticed in today’s reading (Psalm 84 and 85). The Psalms are basically written out prayers, and both of these begin with … praise.