Faith, and Throwing Up In Your Mouth

So let’s pretend you know squadoosh about the Bible, and I tell you about a story where a boss entrusts $5,000, $2,000, and $1,000 to three employees. And I explain that the first two use it as venture capital for new businesses, or invest it in the stock market, while the third very carefully puts it in a safe place so he can return it to the master. Who would you say was faithful with his boss’ money? The third, right? Sure. You don’t risk someone else’s money!

But in today’s chapter (Matthew 25) Jesus tells that story, and says that the first two were the faithful one’s! When I think of the word “faithful” I tend to think loyal and steadfast. But the word means “full of faith.” And we learn, throughout the Bible, that faith is believing in something we cannot see and moving forward (despite our fear) into an unknown future because we believe it’s where God is calling us. So what does faith look like? What does it feel like? Well, risk. Faith looks and feels like risk. And I think that’s part of the point of Jesus’ story. If you have faith, you’ll take risks. And if you’re not taking risks, you don’t have faith.

I need to hear that right now. Everyone told me that leaving my great church and great life in Virginia Beach, to start a church on the Strip – in the very heart of of Sin City, was a huge risk. And I guess it was. But right now I’m facing something that looks and feels like a much bigger risk to me. And that does not feel good, at all. But I don’t think it’s supposed to. I’m pretty sure faith is designed to have a sick-to-your-stomach, I might throw up quality about it. Which is cool, ’cause I’ve totally got that.

How about you?