I Am … Donkey

In poker you don’t want to be called a donkey. A donkey is someone who is clueless and makes stupid plays. Be that guy at the table and someone will say, “You are such a donkey!” Maybe not in poker, but in life, I feel like I’ve been, and still am, quite a donkey – a stupid guy doing stupid crap.

And so I’ve always been intrigued with the donkey in today’s reading (Matthew 21). Jesus is about to enter Jerusalem, there is a very specific and important reason He needs to be there, and He chooses to ride in on … a lowly donkey. And as He rode in on the donkey, people shouted and sang and honored Jesus.

Jesus could have come in on anything, and a lot of the options would have been more noble, but He chose that donkey. That donkey was nothing special, but because Jesus chose him, he got to do something unbelievably special.

I want that to be the story of my life. A dumb old donkey, that Jesus chose for reasons no one else could ever quite understand, but who got to be a vehicle Jesus used for His mission, and all the glory went to Jesus.